036m2 Bulletin Board

For their 0.36m² – Bulletin Board Project, Forbo offered a selected group of creatives a Linoleum pin-board of 60×60 cm and invited them to use it in any way they wanted.
We, at Mimi Berlin used the board to showcase our Close-Up Portrait necklaces, designed to wear and/or to hang on your wall.

Permanent Marker

Mimi Berlin went overboard again, she wrote on the linoleum with a fat big permanent marker, yes; the kind of ink that can’t be removed. Hopefully the Doreen and Tilly one-of-a-kind necklaces won’t be sold in the near future, ’cause the presentation board will be useless in that case…. The Close-Up Portrait necklaces are available at the MimiMall.

Mimi Berlin HQ

The jewelry desk at Mimi Berlin’s Headquarters is a small, neat and romantic corner, in an overcrowded and messy office.