Introducing: Lichting 2013

Amsterdam Fashion Week is about to start. One of our favorite shows must be Lichting, a contest for the best graduated student of the year. So that’s what you get to see: The best fashion students of The Netherlands, and that is always a joy. The photo’s of their work look promising enough!

Photocredits: Henriette Tilanus/Photo: Peter Stigter, Anneleen Bertels/Photo:: Louise Te Poele, Niki Milioni/Photo: Peter Stigter, Wenda Harmsen/Photo: Erwin Venema, Katrien Baaij/Photo: Koers von Cremer, Anna Kathryn Gregor/Photo: Patrick Tiedtke, Anne van den Bogaard/Photo: Valentina Vos, Jazz Kuipers/Photo: Marc Haers, Maartje van Hooij/Photo: Peter stigter, Anbasja Blanken/Photo:: Michel Zoeter, Duran Lantink/Photo: Peter Stigter, Dewi Bekker/Photo: Imke Ligthart and Henri Verhoef, Loekie Mulder/Photo: Jip Broeks

More on Lichting (supported by G-Star Raw) 2013 HERE……

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