200 Plus Artworks at Bradwolf Projects Amsterdam

Reflection in Time 200 plus Artworks

Reflection in Time is an art project initiated by Nannet van der Kleijn. Ms van der Kleijn sent about 500 pieces of blank linen canvasses in A4 size to friends, family and acquaintances. She asked if they wanted to do ‘something’ with that piece of cloth. (The previous sentence is us, at Mimi Berlin, putting the more elaborate vision of Nannet van der Kleijn in a tiny nutshell ofcourse!)

reflection time art project amsterdam

Detail of one of the walls at Bradwolf Projects. The flashy face of the left is made by Diederik Verbakel and the portrait on the right is painted by Machteld Schouten.

More Better

As always we took pictures for you but, to see the works up-close is of course a different, more-better experience.

Exhibition at Bradwolf Projects

Today, sunday november 29, is your last chance to visit the exhibition and see the result of Nannet’s slow mailing effort. 200 plus artworks are pinned to the walls at Bradwolf Projects in Amsterdam. The work is small sized and very different from each other, because they are made by 200 plus people from all over the world.

Return to Enschede Textielstad

You can take any artwork to your home at the spot, see the empty space in the picture above; JW Kaldenbach’s dead flowers are sold. One artwork will cost you €150,-.
The works that didn’t sell are donated to Enschede Textielstad, that also goes for the proceeds of the sold ones.

Enschede Textielstad is a small-scale industrial weaving mill in the Netherlands that produces garment and interior textiles with local and/or recycled yarns. It’s also the store the linen for the Reflection in Time project were purchased.

Open from 8AM to 8PM
Bradwolf Projects
Oetewalerstraat 73

1093 ME Amsterdam

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