Groundfloor; Mysterious Blacked-out room…
filled with fragile embroideries on organza. Dark but sweet.

 Desiree Hammen with her embroideries.
17 th Century Coach House (with creepy vibe)

Breathing Lady by Freudenthal/Verhagen
Dresses by Marcha Hüskes
Movie projected with beamer on 17th century door with 16mm sound by Koen Hauser
Stairway: Lovely series by Jozef van der Heijden
Upstairs; and then there was light….


Alet Pilon “bend over” legs on conference table. Can’t help it, the sockets on the table make my imagination run wild.
I was told that these photo’s are saved test polaroids by photographers Blommers/Schumm Model in all pictures is Niels Schumm. Liked that very much!
Upstairs: Claes Iversen‘s corsets
Upstairs: Mimicry; Cutie (wearing socks designed by Antoine Peters for Effio) in front of stunning wall by Erik Odijk which is part of the Frankendaal collection

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