Memoires by a-MB-iance: Shoes.

This post is about some of the shoes I owned in the past and the details about them that I can remember.The seventies

For making noise.
Without the nailpolish because of young age.(via)
Checkered Mary Jane ballet flats in fabric. In blue, without the bow. Easily ruined in a water feature at the amusement park.

White clogs. Best worn with white, knee high socks. (via)

Designer Clogs: Woody, designed by Jan Jansen. (via) Should be black, way more mainstream.

Roots, Natural footwear for the city. Perfect for a brisk walk.

The first high heels, espadrilles bought at the local department store.Perfect for the first day at High School.

Sneakers, adidas rip-offs, from the local Bata store, in a darker blue with red stripes and a blue sole. Smelly feet are the words that come to mind reminiscing these shoes.

Tap shoes, by Capezio, made in the USA, style 650. With and
without the taps, perfect for everyday or, in red, for a visit to the discotheque.(photo via)

First Nikes.
From the late seventies, white Nylon, a red swoosh and white/blue soles, they were the Nike Cortez.

Farrah Fawcett had them as well. Iconic!(photo via)

The eighties:

Blue metallic heels by Maud Frizon.
Suitable for applying for the fashion department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem.

xoxo aMBiance.


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