Perfume Stories by Mimi Berlin for Harper’s Bazaar NL

Perfume Stories

Not only do we write for this blog, we also work as stylists and photographers. A fine example of that is, again, printed in Harper’s Bazaar NL, in particular the December issue of 2018: Objet D’Amour a perfume story.

Mimi Berlin created 7 visual perfume stories (of which we are very proud) with text by Maroesja de Ruijter, beauty editor of Bazaar NL.

Stay Tuned

We can’t show you all the images yet, we are obliged to wait until the next issue is printed: so yous all have to buy the magazine for yourself. We will publish all the images we created for this 7 page editorial later on.
Please stay tuned!

xoxo Mimi B.

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