Connected Devices to make Life Easier

Connected Devices to make Life Easier

Cute Devices connecting real-life actions with data, to make our lives easier; so the marketing story goes. They have the same sort of functions as for example, a fitness tracker (with app), which you just put around your wrist. The difference is that these friendly figures are made for the parents in this world. They are equally easy to manage but the given explanations are overly simple, almost childlike, this results in tricking the customers into thinking it’s a very difficult device, designed to be very easy in use. The shapes are also simple and childlike and very pretty we must say: Kawaii!. These plastic devices should be easy to bond with………….maybe we need Mother to find our keys our keys every morning……

BleepBleeps are a set of 8 abstract but cute, connected devices that help you get pregnant, give birth, look after your baby and raise your child. Each device connects to the BleepBleeps app and gives you access to simple tools, guidance and content to make parenting easier. For example; Sammy Screamer, you can stick this device on the things, or people, you want to keep an eye on and she’ll (yes, it’s a girl!) let you know if they move. Baby’s buggies and strollers, doors, windows and cupboards, handbags and rucksacks, laptops or even the cookie jar!

Mother and the Motion Cookies, by, are a family of smart sensors. Mother looks cute, the Cookies not so much, but they are extremely versatile. They connect automatically to the application you assign to them, they analyze movement, measure surrounding temperature, they learn and continuously re-adapt to connect real-life actions with data, they can be affixed to almost anything; objects and people. Cookies transmit data to the nearest Mother, but they don’t have to be housebound. Even with no Mother in sight, they have the capacity to memorize up to 10 days of data and upload it to the system as soon as they encounter a Mother. Up to 24 Motion Cookies can be connected simultaneously to one Mother.

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