How many husbands?

This is Mimi Berlin’s Top 5 most married celebrities. Not only husbands, but wives were counted in as well. We’re not sure if this list is the truth, probably not, but we find this to be the most interesting marriages. Richard Pryor is our number one, he married 9 times and had 7 children. Martin Scorsese takes fifth place, he was married to Isabella Rosselini, amongst 4 other women.
9 wives: Richard Pryor (photographer unknown)
Born: December 1, 1940, Peoria/Died: December 10, 2005, Encino
Spouses: Jennifer Lee (m. 2001–2005), Flynn Belaine (m. 1990–1991), Flynn Belaine (m. 1986–1987), Jennifer Lee (m. 1981–1982), Deborah McGuire (m. 1977–1978), Shelley R. Bonus (m. 1967–1969), Patricia Price (m. 1960–1961)
Children: 7, Rain Pryor, Richard Pryor Jr., Kelsey Pryor, Steven Pryor, Franklin Pryor, Renee Pryor, Elizabeth Pryor

9 husbands: Zsa Zsa Gabor
(photo from Rod Serling’s Night Gallery via dangerousminds)
Born: as Sári Gábor February 6, 1917 (age 96), Budapest
Spouse: Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt (m. 1986), Felipe de Alba (m. 1983–1983), Michael O’Hara (m. 1976–1982), Jack Ryan (m. 1975–1976), Joshua S. Cosden Jr. (m. 1966–1967), Herbert Hutner (m. 1962–1966), George Sanders (m. 1949–1954), Conrad Hilton (m. 1942–1947), Burhan Asaf Belge (m. 1937–1941)
Children:1, Constance Francesca Hilton

8 husbands: Lana Turnerat the M-G-M lot during the filming of A Life of Her Own (via acertaincinema)
Born: February 8, 1921, Wallace/Died: June 29, 1995, Century City Spouses: Ronald Pellar (m. 1969–1972), Robert P. Eaton (m. 1965–1969), Frederick May (m. 1960–1962), Lex Barker (m. 1953–1957), Henry J. Topping, Jr. (m. 1948–1952), Joseph Stephen Crane (m. 1943–1944), Joseph Stephen Crane (m. 1942–1943), Artie Shaw (m. 1940–1940)
Children: 1, Cheryl Crane

6 husbands: Lilli St. Cyr (photographer unknown image via pulpinternational)
Born: as Willis Marie Van Schaack, June 3, 1918, Minneapolis/Died: January 29, 1999, Los Angeles
Spouses: Joe Zomar (m. 1959–1964), Ted Jordan (m. 1955–1959), Armando Cocchi (m. 1950–1953), Valia Valentinoff (m. 1946–1949), Richard Hubert (m. 1941), Cordy Milne (m. 1936–1938)
Children: 0, none

5 wives: Martin Scorsese
(photographer unknown via waltdisneywithblood)
Born: November 17, 1942, Queens, NY
Spouses: Helen Morris (m. 1999), Barbara De Fina (m. 1985–1991), Isabella Rossellini (m. 1979–1982), Julia Cameron (m. 1976–1977), Laraine Marie Brennan (m. 1965–1971)
Children: 3, Catherine Scorsese, Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, Francesca Scorsese

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