A tiny stroll trough Arnhem, The Netherlands

Vintage walls in Arnhem
Arnhem really has some nice shops, the streets are quiet and tidy, no roughness here! I came across 3 shops the other day.
Arnhem Coming Soon, filled with Dutch design and – fashion. A very well organized shop with pretty things you sometimes don’t find elsewhere. They also have exhibitions, workshops and such. This shop is initiated by Artez and gets municipal support.
Sjaak Hullekes (29) Just opened his first shop a week ago. It’s a fairly traditional shop, a friendly buxus tree welcomes you in. Inside you’ll find men’s and women’s clothing by the designer. They sell Ladurée candles as one of the very few shops in the Benelux.
The interior at Jones (since 1988)I always loved, because of the huge cage with lovebirds, their singing makes you want to sit there all day long. The clothes are nice as well (Margiela, AFVandervorst,Jil Sander Navy, etc) Owner Judith ter Haar is what they call the “DNA” of this store. She is very active in Arnhem’s fashion activities (Biennale, Artez). 
These three shops are all situated in the Kerkstraat.

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