Introducing Mimi Berlin:

Mimi Berlin is an interdisciplinary, creative collective with studio’s based allover Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their aim and mission is to inspire each other through art, design and photographic related projects. Also, very important; to share these inspiring projects with you, our cliënts!

About Mimi Berlin:

Mimi Berlin was founded in 2010, by educated creative-professionals who have been working in the industry for over twenty-five years.
They created the most inspirational character they could envision:
Mimi Berlin.
This woman (please contact us for her full bio) is the benchmark for the collective. Mimi Berlin is used as an adjective to indicate, check and combine visions and interests. ‘She’ takes interest in all that surrounds her, and is in constant search for means to create the best visual and most informative environment possible.

about mimi berlin

What does Mimi Berlin Provide?

We Provide Talent; you can book us for design and styling know-how on fashion, interior, graphics and photography.
Working the fields of Interior |  Focusing on Fashion | Graphic Design B2B: concept, design, styling, consultancy, copy-writing and presentations, events, photography, design, styling, illustration, artworks/dessins, webdesign……
Matters we find interesting to explore in the form of photography and film, essays, image making and/or image collecting.
ART mimimall.me
Department of Special Products, Projects and Experiments; Anything we find inspiring to make and do. http://www.mimimall.me (please contact us for exhibitions/meeting points)
SHOP mimimall.amsterdam
The Mimi Berlin Department Store with a variety of pretty products: Including Friperie Mimi Berlin, for VintageDeluxe finds, and Mimi Merchandise, yes; merchandise! For sale exclusively at http://www.mimimall.amsterdammimiberlin fshion fest 2(From left to right Mimi Berlin; Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #2, 2013)

What does Mimi Berlin Share?

Mimi Berlin’s Blog, is about our daily inspiration, which we gladly share with you for free! The Blog is an optimistic view on everything nice in life; according to the Mimi Berlin Blogger Team. Featured are topics on art, illustration, music, movies, general & light entertainment, party-snaps, architecture, news, design, interior, beauty, gossip, history, shopping, traveling and fashion. Mimi Berlin’s Blog is featured on mimiberlin.com, also for YOU: Mimi’s potential (B2B) cliënt. The informal environment of this online magazine offers the oppurtunity to browse and find out if Mimi Berlin matches your needs and interests, if you do you should get acquainted with Mimi Berlin’s work 
The top-menu will lead you to our Portfolio, it provides a quick way to get acquainted with the members of the Mimi Berlin Collective and their work.

about mimi berlin

Mimi Berlin’s Blog and Bloggerteam

Mimi Berlin Blog

is made by Mimi Berlin Bloggerteam. Mimi Berlin’s Blog is about their daily inspiration, which we share with you for free! This Blog is an optimistic view on everything nice in life; according to the Mimi Berlin Bloggerteam.
Featured are topics on art, illustration, music, movies, general & light entertainment, party-snaps, architecture, news, design, interior, beauty, gossip, history, shopping, traveling and fashion. Viel Spaß! xoxo Mimi

Meet Mimi Berlin Blogger Team

Beja von Bis, vintage and jewelry connaiseur, also known as The Vintage Snatcher. She writes, with pictures, about vintage shopping and all her other outdoor adventures on Mimi Berlin’s Blog. Beja is part of the a-MB-iance team, the interior department at Mimi Berlin.

Herr Kaldenbach, photographer extra-ordinaire, JW Kaldenbach sometimes teams up with Mimi Berlin for photography projects. Herr Kaldenbach is an old-school photographer with both analog and digital knowledge.

P. Tronella knows all about interior design and it’s history. P.Tronella is an avid collector of (designer) serveware and other important home-decor extraordinary collectables. She also has her own site: mrsjack.net

Rex Dieter is an expert on Flora and Fauna, Fashion, History and Nightlife. Rex keeps us posted on these topics. Rex made the original Friday Night Party Night and the Amazing Dog Faces photo essays.

Freundin T.: designer of miniature objects by trade, she feeds Mimi Berlin with remarkable and inspirational stories and insights.

Mr and Mrs J.: Global citizens with free spirits, home is wherever they decide to live, in their case it’s everywhere. Mr and Mrs J. report back to Mimi Berlin once in a while with topics they see fit.

More Members

a-MB-iance, expert on interior design and – styling.

Appdikted, Mimi Berlin’s in-house graphic designer and King of contemporary pop culture. His visions on life, as we live it today are right on target.

Mathilde Admiral, the Queen of Fashion Illustration, Mathilde’s eyes are those of a talented and trained fashion illustrator. She works both digitally and by hand. Ms Admiral also is an animal lover.

Pia C., This girl has the natural gift of talent to Illustrate, draw or paint in a highly realistic manner. Her favorite color is Black.

Horst Berlin, Mimi’s favorite nephew from der Heimat. Horst travels the fashion world behind the scenes extensively. This socialité will share his traveling experiences with us in his hotel reviews and posts on hotels in general #hotel

Even More Members

Agent Mimi Provider of Talent. Owner of an extensive, Dutch, network. Supporting and introducing artists, photographers, illustrators, writers, fashion-, graphic-, web designers and beauty experts or maybe YOU!

Hans Peter, creative hobby cook, reporting from the sleepy Italienischer village of Breganze. Hans Peter will share his recipes with us, and give us many useful cooking tips #food

Ulrike Träge, schnittmunsterin (tailorin) the best in the field of re-modeling clothing, Ulrike will bring her sewing machine and knowledge to your studio and do her magic.  Making garments from scratch is no problemo for her either! Furthermore; she can help with questions, tips and tricks on pattern making, sewing, handicraft and removing stains, also on life in general.

Eli Schäfer: A fashion professional, specialized in woven and leather women’s wear.  Design, fit, production, you name it Eli knows it. Old-school techniques like crochet, frivolité and knitting. Eli ls an auto-didact fashion copywriter: fluent in Dutch, English and German with knowledge of technical lingo.

Marlene B, kunstlerin extraordinaire, shares her art with us and is also a top-notch wood expert. Marlene B. is half of The Berlin Connection, our former reporters from The Heimat, they migrated to Amsterdam in 2013.

The Berlin Connection: Leider/Unfortunately this artistic couple has moved to Amsterdam. Their posts are preserved on Mimi Berlin’s Blog


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