Akio Igarashi and Takashi Suzuki at Willem Baars Projects

Akio Igarashi and Takashi Suzuki at Willem Baars Projects

The work of Japanese artists Akio Igarashi and Takashi Suzuki is on show at Willem Baars Projects

Since we, at Mimi Berlin, are no art critics, we can’t give an in-depht story on the work: please go HERE for that. We CAN tell you that the work of Akio Igarashi is made with oil paint which meticulously has been sanded down. If you ask nicely you may be able to actually touch the work, it feels so smooth! Takashi Suzuki‘s work is very abstract and very colorful; seeing this work was a wonderful experience for us, we couldn’t keep our eyes of it. We took pictures, which of course is ridiculous; you have to see these wonderful paintings with your own eyes. If you are in Amsterdam we feel you should visit the gallery and experience the minimalism for yourself!

Willem Baars Projects is open Wed. to Sat. 12:00-18:00 and by appointment. Address: Hoogte Kadijk 17 in Amsterdam

( Danke Schön Udo Vektor for the invite )

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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