Alnwick Garden

Here’s an attraction we would like to visit: The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland, England is a poison garden. The garden is property of Jane Percy, Duchess of Northumberland. She was inspired by the poison garden at the Medici Estate in Padua, Italy

(via panoramio)poison-garden
” There are over 100 plants of varying deadliness grown in the Poison Garden. Some of the plants are beautiful despite being deadly, and other look so harmless it is hard to imagine their dangerous, even fatal, qualities.

Nux vomica‘s Latin name implies much, but it perhaps rings more bells as strychnine. Interestingly, hemlock, a poison in its own right, can be used as an antidote to Strychnine, but don’t tell Socrates, who was sent to his death with a cup of hemlock.

Those of a certain age will be familiar with Castor Oil, which is made from the plant Ricinus communis, but a single seed from the same plant will kill an adult in the most horrible way. Ricin causes nausea, severe vomiting, convulsions and subsequent disintegration of the kidneys, liver and spleen…” (via/read more alnwickgarden)

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