Altered with Tattoos

These images of famous people are altered by Cheyenne Randall Art, a Seattle based visual artist we found on Facebook. There is no website to be found for him or her. The tattoos placed on the pictures are a wonderful combination! Check out the FaceBook Page of Cheyenne Randall Art for much more good stuff!

Artist Note: all of these images were created as a form of curiosity. What some of the worlds most recognizable and admired icons would look like perhaps living in a parallel universe. This has never been about “What would celebrities look like with tattoos” although it is clearly centered around tattoos because I personally love Tradition tattooing. It’s a classic and a strong hold in the world of tattooing. So to anyone stating these are done wrong and have no flow and are blotches. look up Traditional Tattooing. now. Also, this is a good look at how we, ordinary people develop such strong personal one sided relationships with icons. I have seen people say this is disrespectful and they are offended. Really? Because last I checked I didn’t know Brad Pitt and Edward Norton gave a shit one way or another and maybe just maybe they might think it’s fun and harmless and imaginative. like it is.~C (taken from the FB Page of Cheyenne Randall Art)

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