Amsterdam KunstRai 2013

Our favorites at the KunstRai in Amsterdam.
We visited this small fair yesterday (60 stands, open till monday 20th of May) there was lots of glass art on show, as well as Africania and many photo-works. Trends we’ve noticed: rough sketches, stuffed animals, laboratory-like art, abstract/african art and jewelry. We’re sorry for wanting to categorize but it couldn’t be missed because of the small size of the fair.kunstrai1Bernard Heesen at Jan van Hoof gallery. Made us think of a poodle, and we love poodles, especially the pastel colored ones, as you all know.kunstrai2
The ruins of Detroit, Arcade Lafayette Building, photographed by Marchand & Meffre  at gallery Fontana Fortuna. There’s so much to see in these photo’s of ravaged buidings….kunstrai3
Man with lovely T-shirt looks like Liberty but we’re not sure about that.kunstrai4
For our Freundin T.: Totemized Kewpie from Kaapstad, South Africa (at Salon gallery?)kunstrai5
Easy as pie, we like, a selfportrait, We don’t know the names of these artist nor that of the gallery, it was situated sort of backstage at he KunstRai, kunstrai6
Specimen no 41 by Michael Mapes at NL=US gallery. This is a paper on pins collage.kunstrai7
Dinner date with work by Dave Meijer, ‘One step too far’, oil/acrylic on canvas/panel, 170 x 285 cm, at Galerie Van den Berge. Not really one of our favorites but it’s the dinner date idea we likekunstrai8
Lente (Spring) by Paul Dijkman, A shiny and bright work: paint on a transparent acrylate plate
fotoDinnerdate with Hugo Tieleman at the Livingstone Gallery. We like the fact that this work, 1982, by Theo Tielemans has a kitschy feel to it

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