Anne de Grijff

Anne de Grijff showed on day 4 of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. She presented her collections previously at various venues but it was the first time for Anne de Grijff at AFW. Maybe that’s why she called this collection (Spring/Summer 2014) To Show. Her main idea; neatly pressed, folded garments, was executed with tight precision throughout the show. Next to the clothing, details, accessories, hair (by Olaf van Wildenberg) and choreography (by Martin Butler) were molded into the concept of straight lines crossing each other. We liked the garments in the first segment of her presentation, the geometrical creases were pressed into fluid materials in nude shades. In the second segment, introduced by the color orange, heavier materials, in black, took overhand. De Grijff translated the “folded” concept also into patchwork, in the form of a 3/4 leather A-line skirt with a zipper at mid-front and an A-symmetrical hemline, for men. All together it became a bit too much of a concept for our taste.

To view the clothes more clearly best go to Team Peter Stgter

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