Arlene Dahl

Arlene Dahl

Happy B-Day Ms Dahl!!!

“Arlene Carol Dahl (born August 11, 1925 or 1928) is an American actress and former MGM contract star, who achieved notability during the 1950s. She has three children, the eldest of whom is actor Lorenzo Lamas.After her acting career Ms Dahl Dahl began writing a syndicated beauty column in 1952, and opened Arlene Dahl Enterprises in 1954, marketing cosmetics and designer lingerie. After closing her company in 1967, she began working as a vice president at ad agency Kenyon and Eckhardt that same year. Dahl moved to Sears Roebuck as director of beauty products in 1970, earning nearly $750,000 annually, but left in 1975 to found her short-lived fragrance company Dahlia. She entered the field of astrology in the 1980s, writing a syndicated column and later operating a premium phoneline company. Dahl has written more than two dozen books on the topics of beauty and astrology.” (wikipedia)

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