ArtEZ Fashion Masters Generation #15

ArtEZ Fashion Masters Generation #15. We got an invitation to attend this Generation #15 fashion event, held in an intimate and private setting at Foam & Felix in Amsterdam. The new generation of designers were showing their highly individual views on the future of fashion, in a presentation that provided the opportunity to meet, experience and exchange thoughts with the designers.The graduation collections by Sonia Aïssaoui, Christina Braun, Yiyu Chen and Verena Schepperheyn weren’t knew to us at Mimi Berlin (read more about their collections HERE) but for this event they were professionally (re)styled by Jos van Heel and hair and make-up was exclusively done by Ferry van der Nat. The Artez Fashion Masters team invited a panel of international fashion professionals: Lucas Ossendrijver; menswear designer at Lanvin, Hector Castro; fashion editor/stylist (10 magazine and Givenchy a.o), Christophe Mollet; fashion brand developer (Margiela, SO a.o.) and Marisol Ferradás; owner of fashion agency Soledad Senlle, to Amsterdam to meet the Fashion Masters and discuss their work. Presenting the collections to this international panel was probably the first encounter, outside of a school environment, with life in the actual fashion business, we know it was a bit nerve-wrecking for the freshly graduated designers…..for us visitors this event gave the opportunity to see the collections up-close. See more pictures (snaps) of this event HERE

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