ArtEZ Arnhem Fashion Shows 60th Edition 2018

At the Arnhem Fashion Shows 2018

The fashion design students at ArtEZ Arnhem got to show their talent at the city theatre ‘Musis Sacrum‘. Featuring the collections of this year’s fashion graduates, 20 of them in total; 16 Bachelors and 4 Masters. Also including CollectieArnhem 2018, ànd work by the first- and second-year BA fashion students. We, Mimi Berlin Bloggerteam, (in particular Herr Kaldenbach) took (backstage) photo’s for y’all who could’t be there.ArtEZ Arnhem Fashion Shows 60th Edition 2018

Graduating Students 16 + 4 = 20

Anna Bernal, Iris Baumbacht, Emmy Hermans, Nina Pen, Merrit Koek, Dennis Schreuder, Alicia Minnard, Douwe de Boer, Amarens Joustra, Amber Willemtzijn, Guusje de Bruin, Naomi Marcela, Mehdi Mashayekhi, Sarah Kerbosch, Jolijn Corporaal and Maria van Steenhoven: 16 BA Students. Emma Wessel, Henriette Zimmerma, Gala Borovic and Manon Gondek: 4 MA students.

Projects by 1 + 2 + 3th year students

The Project ‘Biuqs’ designed by the first year students, executed in neon orange and (off)white only, opened the show. Second year students worked within the team ‘Fashion Galore’ presenting the results in an over-the-top, make-believe fashion-shoot. And the annual CollectieArnhem showed the 2018 version of the project for the second time this year.

(Images by JW Kaldenbach at the first and second show 7/06/18.
We did our best to figure out placing all the names at the correct collections….if we made a mistake please let us know! xoxo MIMI) Click HERE for MORE Images.

Anniversary 60 + 20 =

This was the 60th fashion show held by the fashion department at ArtEZArnhem (university of the arts). And the 20 year anniversary of the ‘CollectieArnhem’ project.
ArtEZArnhem certainly succeeded to turn this show into a small celebration!

Maison The Faux

The all-white stage was lit ‘Discotheque’ style, plus mirror ball and bright colors.
White Greek Collums (think; late eighties interior design) with a videoscreen placed in between them, projecting informative, aestecially mathing video’s by Robert Fox. Danny Taylor’s music-score completed the concept perfectly. This all (art-direction and set-design) was done by ArtEZ alumni ‘Maison The Faux’.

It all reminded us of the stage at a Scientology Church gathering (You should Google that, dear readers), but in a very pretty, fun and fashionable way. BAM!


On a personal note: The jeans, and the collection, designed by Guusje de Bruin needs to be mentioned. We only have one image and that’s not enough…….

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(for runway/look images best go to Team Peter Stigter’s site )


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