Artez Arnhem Masters Fashion Design Graduation 2014

The 4 Fashion Design Masters who graduated this year held their presentation after the fashion design bachelors show. We were surprised by the small white space in which the models already waited for us. At this small “tent” we saw 3 presentations in total which followed each other in a quick but silent way. We were so surprised that we failed to take all the photographs we would have liked to take. The first presentation was from Christina Braun, she designed a women’s wear collection called “Fragments” Christina researched a new way of feminity “women who don’t fit into a classical fashion definition of a feminine or androgynous woman” Our impression of this collection was that of a modern yet feminine one, guess she got her message across well. Her models mingled with the audience and really stood out (luckily we could take pictures of that!!). Secondly Verena Schepperheyn showed her menswear collection “Rewind Forward” she also was inspired by genders and based her collection on her own wardrobe to “help her explore a new sense of for beauty and gender in menswear” The men circled around the audience. So did Yiyu Chen‘s models, she designed her collection “Hybrid Humanimal” with a fantasy world in mind in which a black horse and a transformation from human to animal are important for the actual designs. Her silhouettes were strong, the styling was fashionable and the designs were meticulously executed. Yiyu designed beautiful, tactile fabrics and embellished them. Reading about her inspiration sources in the catalogue afterwards we feel that she translated that into a fashionable collection very well. The models paused to stand on turning plateau’s (like cakes) so we could see front and back of the designs. Sonia Aissaoui showed her menswear collection “And they said, they have nothing to tell about their ID” -Chroniques de Banliue,  in a tableau vivant. Her collection consisted of ten unique identities which she created through ethnographic research, the collection was a romantic one made in white only. She managed well to make one statement with all those identities! There are also 4 shoe designers graduating this year at the Fashion Masters, unfortunately they didn’t show, we have to return to Arnhem for the exhibition to see their work.

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