ArtEZ Fashion Design presents Collectie Arnhem 2016: Flux/Reflux

ArtEZ Fashion Design presents Collectie Arnhem 2016:  Flux/Reflux

The Collection Arnhem 2016 show was held at Amsterdam’s convention center RAI, in the newly build “Amtrium” on the second floor, a space with a view (on houses, designed by Berlage.) decorated with wall to wall carpet in bright purple. Venue and collection were a perfect match. The main color-scheme of Collection Arnhem 2016 (women’s wear) is bright and colorful; red, white, black, aubergine and blue with copper accents. Fabric use ranges from lightweight and semi-transparent knits to heavy, almost blanket like fabrics, equally shaped into huge, chunky and draped silhouettes. The models walked the stage crossing each other constantly in what seemed a random path, that created a beautiful cadans (the concept was streamlined by By B.Y. and coached by Kim Vos). Heavy coats (they were kinda sexy) dragged slowly over the carpet, while dresses reminiscent of beauty-pageant-sashes floated over the catwalk acompanied by wonderful, multicolor knits. The joy, love, creativity and hard work the third year students* must have put in this project could be seen in the Collection Arnhem 2016 show!

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team went backstage and noticed that the students all were very proud of what they have accomplished. The way they handled the garments, explained the collection (by showing the workbook) to the sponsors, helped the models undress (with cotton gloves), showed us that the students have respect for each other and love for what they created. Both the show, and backstage were a true joy to experience! 

Collectie Arnhem 2016 came to life under the guidance of tutors Suleyman Demir and Lenn Cox (with guest tutors Ronald van der Kemp, Mo Veld and Mary-Lou Berkulin)

*Students; Francis Ames, Monique de Bruin, Roxy van Bemmel, Anna Anastasia Celic, Leroy Sirasit van Halen, Maxine van Kampen, Victor Klijsen, Raisa Kok, Joséphine van Mastrigt, Nine Parre, Tabea Philipp, Lawin Ramelinck, Rixt Rooks, Ruby Russell, Chloë Severien, Eva Sieljes, Christina Sotiropoulou, Lizzy Stuyfzand, Lucas van der Velde, Maria Vogt and Mette Zijlema

Sponsors; ArtEZ | Made in Arnhem | Redken | RAI | FEBRIK | AaBe

Collectie Arnhem is an annual educational project for third year students at ArtEZ fashion design, in which they learn how to create a collection from A to Z, that includes, next to concept and design of fabric and clothes, seeking sponsors, planning, production, marketing, showing etc.



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