ArtEZ fashion show 2012

ArtEZ fashion show 2012

Yesterday (8/6/2012) we attended the annual fashion show at Artez, Arnhem. The show took place at industrial park Kleefse Waard near Arnhem, in an immense, abandoned building.

The full fashion department presented itself: The show was opened by projects of first and second year students. Followed by Collection Arnhem, designed by third year students. After that we got to see the graduation collections, showed in an ongoing loop by truly stunning models. 

Second year students: New Aristocracy

The show had a very positive vibe all together, lots of creativity, diversity, fun styling and even smiling models! The outfits were sewn almost perfectly. If you bare in mind that these are all bachelor students, you know this show was a great accomplishment! But that’s our opinion ofcourse.

All runway photo’s by Peter Stigter (provided by schoon den boer PR)


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