Assembly-Line 01 Revival of a Classic Shoe

Revival of a Classic

Assembly-Line is a collaboration project that generates small, locally manufactured products. ASSEMBLY-LINE / 01 is the first product from this series: a re-make of a classic wooden slipper from the sixties. Made with EU locally sourced materials and assembled in the Netherlands. In a nutshell: Limited editions, timeless designs, slow design, European product.


The first project of Assembly-Line is a revival of a classic: a wooden soled sandal from the sixties. Once extremely popular but now somewhat invisible in the wider shoe landscape, this sandal was waiting for an update and a repositioning in the here and now. The new sandal is produced locally in limited editions, and in collaboration with small workshops, using EU sourced materials. The packaging is low-impact, and the leather straps are re-placeable. The slippers can be ordered at

Design-based collaborations

Assembly-line is a platform where design-based collaborations can thrive. It’s aim is to set up a variety of small-scale productions with well thought-out design and an elegant way of producing: ‘slow design’.

This new, Dutch platform is an initiative of Marijke Bruggink. She is active as a designer and consultant in the international shoe industry. She started her career with shoe collections under the brand-name of ‘Lola Pagola’. Present fields of work include strategic advice for big brands with tradition and history, coaching young start-ups, and guiding upcoming designers.

Read more about the classic wooden slipper HERE on this blog

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