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These lipsticks from Paul & Joe reminded us of the Avon packaging of yesteryear. Actually Paul & Joe’s cosmetics are all packaged in the great tradition of Avon, very cute, limited and special.

Avon was popular for two things. First, The Avon Lady, Ding Dong, she was an average woman just like her customers and sold Avon products door-to-door. Secondly, for the packaging, collectable bottles and boxes heavily ornamented or in the shape of everyday objects such as cars or vegetables, like on the picture above. (via)

Vintage Avon perfume bottle and lipstick (buy)

Avon advertisement from 1972 (via)

Avon advertisement from 1965 (via)

The first Avon Lady started selling products door-to-door in 1886. The Avon lady was most popular in their heyday of the 1960s and 70s.

1960’s Avon ad (via)
The Avon Company still is one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world.

Artist Joanna Mires has recreated a series of vintage Avon perfume bottles which depict a host of animals. Where once these bottles were attractive but essentially practical containers, they are now mere ornaments; far from reducing them to something crass, this elevates them to the level of fine art.  (via)

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