Bas Kosters Matinee

What a surprise! There (s)he was again, Margreet Dolman, opening the show interviewing a candid Bas Kosters in a Bas Kosters dress. This chat on his private life and Vodafone was the introduction to the  event, inspired by Love.

The story in a nutshell: Happy (party) people celebrating and attending the wedding of Bas Kosters to a boy with a big, red heart shaped head. Struttin’ their stuff on all kinds of love songs. Yes, we are aware of the fact that Kosters story is more complex. But since we were visiting a fashion show and the means of communication are clothes, there’s no other way for us to narrow it down. (make sure you watch the video of M.G. visiting B.K. studio as well)
Main symbol was a heart, leather, mini cushions, prints, confetti, were all <3.
Next to the hearts, there was a bombardment of ingrediënts: Texts, stripes, checks, black and white abstract patterns, glitter, porn, illustrations, masks in macramé, barbie hair….used as separate devices; one or two outfits per ingrediënt. It wasn’t so much a show of a fashion collection, it was a fashionable performance, which topped itself during the finale when all individuals came together. (Having this said, we can’t wait to see Bas Kosters hotelroom in the soon to be opened Fashion hotel Modez)

We had a very good time, as always, at Bas Kosters, he gave us (and the rest of the audience) a happy smile and we feel that’s important in our lives. And yes, so is love. You can view the finale here.

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