Bas Kosters (studio) during AIFW

Bas Kosters Studio  pret-a-porter show W11/12, a true party to watch ’cause i’ts fun, fun natural fun !

This show is a fine example of the fact that fashion isn’t all about clothing. 
Personality, concept, dreams, opinion, fun, and everything else nice in life, are some of the most important aspects of creating an interesting collection.
Whether it’s clothing, stuffed animals or whatever…… can all be called fashion.
The overwhelming vision of Bas Kosters probably is the cause of clothes being the subordinate aspect in his shows. He isn’t the king of clothing design, but I certainly can visualize people wearing this collection, Fashion Mutants,  easily.They are a very aesthetic, useful canvas to tell your own, personal story. In Dutch fashion design that’s not often the case.
Mostly its the other way around. A sloppy, boring straight forward show with clothing that’s so loaded with ideas that you can’t wear them. 
Unless you don’t care for your own style-ego, or want to be a walking advertisement.


Auch Haben!…photo by henkjan van vliet

Onto the next event………..Anti Fashion Party

Anti Fashion Award Winners

photo’s by Dennis Bouman

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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