Basic Instincts in Berlin

Opening “Basic Instincts” at Villa Elisabeth Berlin
Premsela’s multidisciplinary, traveling, exhibition Basic Instincts,  is showcasing contemporary, directional visions in Dutch fashion culture. This exhibition will map a range of ideas that originate in fashion but border on and interact with other disciplines. Such as art and design.
Responsible for the idea and content of “Basic Instincts” is an international highly illustrious creative team. Luca Marchetti and Emanuele Quinz of mosign are in charge of artistic curation.
Renovation Berliner Style

The exhibithion designed by Henrik Vibskov (He is from Denmark)

Roosje Klap, graphic designer for this exhibition. Wooden design by Studio Glithero
Klavers van Engelen,

Clothing Anne de Grijff, chair by Scholten en Baijings decoration Henrik Vibskov,

Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm

Whim Architecture

Bouchakour, Vriens, Lubbe, Freudenthal/Verhagen, Olaf

Versluis/Uyttenbroek, Blommers/Schumm, Markadis.

Georgios Markadis

Natasja Kensmil
Wooden decoration by Henrik Vibskov
Pieke Bergmans, Monique van Heist
plopper decoration by Henrik Vibskov

Laurens Manders, Vault 2009

Oda Pausma

Information desk at the Villa/church
This exhibition can be seen until 30 June 2012

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