BehindTheVeil Project

BehindTheVeil Project

BehindTheVeil: Artists design unique scarves

Art in Redlight marks the beginning of BehindTheVeil, a unique international art project. BehindTheVeil presents an impressive series of one of a kind scarves designed by Dutch artists. The scarves can’t be revealed yet, but we can give you a preview of the participating artists; Bart Domburg, Harriët Calo, Jurriaan van Hall, Juul van den Heuvel, Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest, Vincent Wijers and Jochem Rotteveel portrayed by photographer JW Kaldenbach.

Behind-the-veilThe History of BehindTheVeil

In each of the coming seven years, BehindTheVeil will invite national and international artists to design a silk scarf (130 cm x 260 cm in size). Each year a different continent will be chosen, creating a traveling exposition of eventually 49 unique scarves. The exposition will highlight the artworks themselves rather than their creators; that is why the scarf will not be signed. In that way, BehindTheVeil not only wishes to prevent merchants from buying the complete edition of a particular artist at once; on each continent, availability will be limited to a single scarf per artist. But above all BehindTheVeil wants to highlight the artwork in itself.

Dutch edition
The first presentation of BehindTheVeil in December comprises scarves designed by a diverse group of Dutch artists. The Dutch edition will be on view from Friday 27 December 11 AM, as part of the 10th edition of the Art in Redlight Art Fair at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

International editions
Next year BehindTheVeil will take place in a European capital. The scarves made by Dutch artists will be shown there alongside scarves made by artists from various other European countries. In 2016 BehindTheVeil is to visit another continent, and exhibit the scarves of all participating artists. Again, artists from the host continent will be invited to design their scarves.

BehindTheVeil is an initiative of l’Histoire C’est Moi

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