Big Art at the Bijlmerbajes Amsterdam

Big Art

This year the Big Art exhibition is held in a former prison complex in Amsterdam, commonly known as the ‘Bijlmerbajes’ in Dutch. More than 80 artworks are on show from today till sunday. Mimi Blogger Team went and visited the preview of this event and, as always; we took some pictures for yous all to see if you think it’s worth your while to go.

(click to enlarge to read information. some links to artists: / )

For 4 days the impressive Bijlmerbajes is occupied by contemporary artists and designers showing their work, which is also for sale. A mix of paintings and drawings, sculptures, photos and installations, created by acclaimed names and emerging talents, are on show. This event can be visited from 11 till 14 october, an entrance ticket can be bought at the door for €10,-. (

Tip from Mimi Blogger Team: if you want to have some kind of experience of ‘real-prison-life’: take the metro, get out at the Spaklerweg metro station and walk over the small pathway to the entrance, seen on the right below. From this spot you can pretend to be a ‘bajesschreewer’ (prison screamer). Friends and family of inmates used to (try and) communicate with their loved ones, they were nicknamed ‘Bajesschreewers’. Brrrrr.
(photocredits: De Bijlmerbajes. © ANP)


The concrete complex was designed by Dutch architects Pot-Keegstra as a ‘humane building’ (we suggest you look that up). Built in 1978 and closed in 2016, from then on it has been used as housing for refugees and students, also for all kinds of events and tours. It will be torn down in the near future to make place for a sustainable living district. Usable elements of the prison interior like doors, windows, etc will be recycled in the new buildings.

Bijlmerbajes, H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 48, Amsterdam.

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