Big Art Hembrug 2020

Big Art Fair

Mimi Blogger Team visited the Dutch annual art fair Big Art. This year, just as the last time, it was held at The Hemburg grounds (in an old munitions factory) in 4 large exhibition halls. Hembrug is situated on the border between Zaandam and Amsterdam.

yani no sound

A small impression of the exhibition

Mimi Blogger Team took some pictures for you, who couldn’t be there, because sharing is caring and y’all know we love to share!
We also shot a short video of Peter Vink explaining his light installation.

The video can be watched on our YouTube channel: MimiBerlin

A lot of people couldn’t be there this year. Through the grapevine we gathered about the last-minute decision to cancel the complete exhibition due to the covid-crisis. Anne van der Zwaag, founder and managing director of Big Art, spent the night before the opening negotiating with authorities (the mare of Amsterdam); fighting for her project. It worked. They implemented strict rules and half hour time-slots had to be booked in advance. Only 30 people were allowed per exhibition hall at one time, so we had to queue. Waiting in an orderly line isn’t a fortay of the Dutch. With help of the Big Art staff, who constantly reminded us to stay 1,50 m apart, we managed quite well. For Dutch people. But that’s an other story.

We hope you enjoyed the images as much as we enjoyed our visit Have a nice day! xoxo Mimi

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