by Textielmuseum; Exclusive Household Textiles

by Textielmuseum; Exclusive Household Textiles

by Textielmuseum is the label which carries the work from TextielLab; Exclusive Household Textiles designed and developed by a wide range of artists and designers who are invited to experiment with the techniques available in the Lab. The label was launched at The Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam last week, November 21st. 2014 (by Textielmuseum shop)

Earlier on we got to see the newest addition of tea towels and table linen designed by Viktor&Rolf along with other designs by a.o. Studio Job and Studio Bertjan Pot. They were presented by curator Jules van den Langenberg and head of the Lab Hebe Verstappen. During a small gathering we discussed the contemporary cultural entrepreneurship of museums and the collection of the new label ‘by TextielMuseum‘. Verstappen and van den Langenberg will visit 5 more destinations in Europe with various young photographers, our gathering was photographed by Daantje Bons. Part of the scenography is a suitcase designed for the household textiles by Studio Minale-Maeda, These visits/presentations will be covered monthly by EH&I Magazine and are part of the upcoming exhibition ‘Bye TextielMuseum’, which will open December 14th.

The Dutch textile museum (textielmuseum) is situated in the city of Tilburg, and is housed in a former textile mill. Tilburg used to be, since the 18th century, one of the most important textile cities in the Netherlands, it isn’t anymore; all that remained is the museum.

Nowadays the museum’s TextielLab is a very important part of Dutch Design. Many designers come to work at the museum’s textiellab, a workshop for specialists in the fields of architecture, design and fashion. Textiellab provides, next to several looms and an extensive collection of yarns and samples, experienced weavers who give guidance to fabric designers who want to develop and research new fabrics by means of weaving, they share their knowledge and craftsmanship in order to create innovative designs.



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