MB Stock Images Part One

MB Stock Images

MB Stock Images is Mimi Berlin’s image library. Added and unique value to Mimi Berlin’s library is that you buy in pairs, always and only. In other words it’s a diptych image library. Below the first diptych we have to offer. For now (january 2019) it’s also the only pair we have in stock. If you are interested please leave a reply and we’ll get in touch.

xoxo Mimi Berlin

antique railing (MB000002) and car (MB000001) ©mimiberlin2019
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Friendly Hello NEW MimiMerchandise GET YOURs NOW

NEW MimiMerchandise from the Friendly MimiMalist Conference Series by Mimi Berlin

Easy and Stylish

Introducing yourself has never been this easy and stylish. Get a conversation started with Mimi Berlin’s Friendly-Hello-Hoodie. If you don’t feel like meeting and greeting you can wear the Friendly-Hello-Hoodie at home to get comfortable and/or cuddle-up.

The Friendly-Hello-Hoodie is super-extra-mega-large: it will fit all sizes easily!
Mimi Berlin’s Friendly-Hello-Hoodie comes in white with a small, bespoke black print on the chest.

You can order your Friendly-Hello-Hoodie for only €65,- a piece (please contact us for discount bulk orders)

Cuddle up or Introduce yourself with Mimi Berlin’s Friendly Hello extra-mega-large hoodies.

UNISEX/FITS ALL SIZES (made of 50% cotton und 50% polyester.)

Mimi’s Green Hands Algorithm Collection

Green Hands

Let’s show a small selection of images with green hands, why not?! They came to us by means of an algorithm: and we, at Mimi Berlin, “don’t look a given horse in the mouth”
Have a Nice Day! xoxo Mimi

Sometimes a social media algorithm works in your favor. These images of green hands for example are a real good ‘image editing’ subject for us at Mimi Berlin. For these kinds of matching images we used to search and collect for weeks on end. Nowadays they just are a gift, too easy and boring for us. That’s why our ‘image editing‘ posts are quite limited these days.

Take Off Your Shoes

Take off Your Shoes

Image editing by Mimi Berlin. Do take off your shoes and leave them in the hallway after a walk with the dog, after you did your walk backwards or when you’re done walking a fine line. Indulge in some luxurious barefoot-time at home, why don’t you?!

(Image editing by Mimi Berlin, graphics by Appdikted, text by Eli Schäfer.)

Rug Full Moon by Vanessa Barragao made by hand in wool, cotton and botical silk ø 250x250cm. (image via Vanessa Barragao) Triple S Sneaker by Balenciaga, Multimaterial oversize trainers with complex sole (image via Balenciaga)
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How to Remember the Lyrics to ‘My Favorite Things’

How to Remember the Lyrics to ‘My Favorite Things’

Mimi Berlin feels it’s important to know the lyrics from the classic ‘The Sound of Music’ song; My Favorite Things, so we gathered images to make it more easy to remember the words by.

You’re Welcome! xoxo Mimi Berlin

My Favorite Things is written by Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers for the musical The Sound of Music (1959)

Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings

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Shapes of Plants and Plastic in Green

Shapes of Plants and Plastic in Green

A buxus , a planter and an armchair.

Mimi Berlin started using Instagram (@mimiberlin_amsterdam) on a frequent basis a whiile ago. Due to that fact we forget to post the images we make ourselves on this blog. Which, to us, is a shame, since we intend to keep this blog forever and make it our own encyclopedia. The first two images are made by us, the last one is the toad chair designed by Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne. (image via jousse-entreprise.com)

People sometimes ask of us; what is it that you do Mimi Berlin? You keep posting these random images with equally random topics…. Well, we answer, we read these images. Just as important; we edit them, not with Photoshop, but we like to combine images to create new visions or ideas, or to ‘write down’ what’s in our minds, so we don’t forget.