The Book 2023 Flipping through Everything but the kitchen sink

The Book 2023

The Book 2023 is finally finished after working a couple of years on our art project: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

In this video we share a quick flip through the 112 pages of our book. It’s filled with art made with plastics by Mimi Berlin from Amsterdam

Everything but the Kitchen Sink / Alles behalve het keuken aanrecht / Alles Außer der Spüle

‘Everything But The Kitchen Sink’ is een serie portretten in de faux-naif stijl,
gecreëerd met afgedankte producten: voornamelijk gemaakt van plastic.

Onderzoek voor dit project naar ‘vergeten early-plastic producten’ heeft geleid
tot een reeks abstracte objecten en figuratieve 3D portretten in vriendelijke kleuren.
Uiteraard zijn de kunstwerken gemaakt van allerlei soorten plastic; bakeliet, celluloid,
rubber……. Noem maar op: Everything But The Kitchen Sink!

Mimi Berlin presents Everything but the Kitchen Sink exhibition in Amsterdam

Mimi Berlin’s Everything but the Kitchen Sink on exhibit in Amsterdam

Mimi Berlin’s work is on exhibit 26 and 27 of August 2023 during the IJKC pop-up group show at NDSM Fuse in Amsterdam. Everything but the Kitchen Sink is the title of the portrait series made by us, at Mimi Berlin. All these portraits are contstructed with plastic. Discarded plastic, early plastics….from Tupperware to…..well, everything but the kitchen sink.

About IJKC

Het IJ Kunst Collectief (IJKC) organiseert pop-up groepsexposities in Amsterdam-Noord waarbij per editie een groep van veertig makers uit de vrije en toegepaste kunst de mogelijkheid wordt geboden om hun werk te presenteren aan een groot publiek. De groep kunstenaars en designers – waarvan een deel woont én werkt in Noord – varieert per editie en er wordt steeds gezocht naar nieuwe deelnemers voor de komende exposities.


NDSM FUSE is bereikbaar met de pont vanaf Amsterdam Centraal station en met de auto, er zijn parkeer plaatsen
Adres: NDSM-plein 29, 1033 WC Amsterdam

Charming Plastic Fanstastic new collection by Mimi Berlin Bijoux

Charming Plastic Fanstastic new collection by Mimi Berlin Bijoux

‘Charming Plastic Fantastic’ is the title of the capsule-collection by Mimi Berlin Bijoux. This collection, with charm-bracelets and letters, is handmade with colorful plastics that are fantastic!

The ‘Charming Plastic Fantastic’ collection is designed with vintage plastic charms in the shape of everyday objects.To name a few, par example: bags; boots, gloves, binoculairs, boxing gloves, and animals

Charm Letters

Letters: Colorful mini charms captured in resin letters. Note: this is a limited edition.

Charm Bracelets

Bracelets: 3 mini charms sealed to vintage plastic ‘spacer’ bracelets.

Vintage Charms from Rome, Italy

The main ingredient for this capsule-collection are of course the mini-charms. They were found, in the 1970s at the fleamarket in Rome, Italy, by us, at Mimi Berlin. We stored the charms in the attic for about 50 years. Believe it or not: we kept them in a mason-jar.

Framed Brooches Mimi Berlin Bijoux 2022

Framed Brooches Mimi Berlin Bijoux 2022 frame or wear the brooch it’s your your choice!

The Framed Brooches by Mimi Berlin Bijoux are artworks made with carefully selected and matched pages of vintage Vogue magazines and vintage (costume) jewelry.

Frame or wear these brooches: it’s your choice!

In order to keep the past of fashion in general alive, to preserve it and comment on it we, Mimi Berlin and Friperie Jansen, decided to partner up. Friperie Jansen is a seller of second hand fashion and the owner of an extensive collection of vintage (costume) jewelry, amongst many other collections.

We created little time capsules, or 3D collages, by combining our vintage treasures (jewelry and photo’s) in a storytelling way. The photo’s are laminated with a coating in 250micron with matte finish. Almost invisible, small punched holes keep the brooches in place.

Tip from Mimi Berlin: send one to a friend, they will love this thoughtful gift!

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Yellow Robot Girl

Yellow Robot Girl

Yellow Robot Girl is the title of this plastic doll, she doubles as a music box. By pulling the yellow bead on the bottom of her body, between her legs, a musicbox will be playing a tune.

Yellow Robot Girl

A Robot Not a Toy

We, at Mimi Berlin understand fully that this plastic doll will look great in a nursery, but: this is not a toy and the robot girl can’t be operated by children!

please click the “read more” link below to see her in action and get more info!

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