Website Design by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin for AntoniaCollages

Website Design by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin for AntoniaCollages

Appdikted stikes again! He made Antoniacollages very happy!

Appdikted created a clean-cut but cute website for

See more web site and graphic design by Appdikted here on this blog


Brand Design by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin for Mrs Jack

Brand Design by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin for Mrs Jack

The art-direction (and graphic/web design) by Appdikted for Mrs Jack completes and explains the style of Mrs Jack; modern, classic and whimsical styling and design, simple and to the point.

Mrs Jack is a Home Decor company, specializing in tablescapes which are for sale at Mrs Jack’s virtual store. Visit the website and have a look see!

Exhibithion J.Holthaus

MIMI BERLIN PORTFOLIO: AGENT MIMI Talent: For photographers, illustrators, graphic- and web designers, or for you!

Agent Mimi took good care of J.Holthaus and arranged an exhibition at the Hotel Modez. They have one room which transforms every two months into a mini gallery. After Katja Schellekes, J.Holthaus was the second illustrator to “decorate” this room with his work. J_Holthaus_hotel Modez06-J_Holthaus-hotel-Modez
Room #22 The Fashion Gallery at Hotel Modez, November/January 2012 (photo’s courtesy of Hotel Modez) Some articles online: / /

Agent Mimi is Happy!


Browsing the net we found Angelique Westerhof’s (Co-founder and current director of the Fashion Institute Arnhem and the Dutch Fashion Foundation) Vogue Blog at (Yes, that’s the newly published Dutch Vogue or as they say in the Netherlands, Vogue Nederland) She wrote an article on the Dutch design label Youasme-Measyou placed alongside are the gorgeous lookbook photo’s by JW Kaldenbach.
Needless to say that Agent Mimi is very happy. Hurray! Now we only have to reach the printed pages of Vogue Nederland and take it from there! See the Vogue blog post “You as me-Yes we Can”


Focusing on Fashion; illustration, artworks, dessins, design, styling, concept, photography, events, consultancy and presentations.

Allround styling/Art Direction: Advertisement.
Cliënt: Domaine Saint Aix.
Art Direction: Mimi Berlin
Styling: Eli Schäfer.
Photography: JW Kaldenbach.
Set design: a-MB-iance.
Models: Afke Reijinga,
Benzaiten Hermes & Heracles.