Chanel Airlines for Spring 2016

Chanel Airlines for Spring 2016

It’s an airport…..It’s a performance……Well; it’s a fashion show!

This fashion show for the Spring/Summer Chanel season of 2016 reminds us of the movie “The Truman Show” (1998) directed by Peter Weir. As you all may (or not) remember; that movie is about the life of a man starring in a tv reality show, as himself, in his own life, but he doesn’t know that he’s being filmed and that his surroundings, including people, are a constructed reality. In 1998 this was called a science-fiction type of movie. We’re not sure if the real-life-soap-stars-family The Kardashians  exsisted on TV in 1998, but they sure do now: and Kendall Jenner (that’s the half-sister of the Kardashians) strutted this Chanel Airlines runway being a model. That fact ends this petite story in a nice, full circle…’s all fake but not so much!
(Photography; Alessandro Garofalo / All images via

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