Chanel: Cruise Collection 2015

The Chanel Cruise (a.k.a. resort collection) 2015 show was held in Dubai on an island privately owned by Sheikh Hamdan on May 13th in 2014. Such richness! What a venue, especially built for this occasion! Almost unbelievable that this is actually just a runway. We at Mimi Berlin don’t care for the clothes anymore, and neither should you! It’s the venue that’s the most interesting part of this show. We do wonder; What happened to the building three weeks after the show? Is it still standing, is it abandoned or has somebody moved in? Or maybe it’s a Chanel Mall now? Other questions rise: were the European and American journalists, buyers, celebrity’s and what have you, flown in by Chanel?
For Free? Can’t find the answers to these questions anywhere. It’s a pity “they” never write about those interesting facts, and that we don’t have the time to investigate. (check the collection out for yourself at if you must) (Pictures above taken by Kevin Tachman ( and Susie Bubble (
chanel-resortFinale of the Chanel Resort Show 2015 (Photocredits Reuters/Youssef Boudlal via

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