Chocolate Rocks by Michal Avraham

Chocolate Rocks by Michal Avraham

Photograpy : Debbie Trouerbach  / Culinary support & help : Borch Socher 

You can taste the Chocolate Rocks designed by Michal Avraham at the Frame DDW Shop at the Klokgebouw during the Dutch Design Week 2015 They are handmade, at the spot, and for sale as well.

is a typically sweet preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds.
Rock in geology is a naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals.
These two elements create a one-off exhibition about food as design. The exhibition discusses this fusion with a unique experience that starts with shape and results in taste. Taking chocolate as a raw material out of its context, we are experimenting with its shape, color and texture by creating a series of edible rocks. This reproduction of rock into chocolate is exploring the fine line between food and design. During this exhibition the rocks are sliced and handed out, revealing their surprising filling.” (

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