Choke Chokers

Choke Chokers

On Instagram we noticed the Choke Chokers, a project by designer Sinéad O’Dwyer and project manager Ottilie Landmark. The project was “born out of a desire to re-imagine leather waste materials.” These lovely leather sexy sustainable necklaces debuted at Copenhagen Fashion Week with a pop-up shop. And today you can get them custom made for your neck in London. More info @choke_chokers on instagram

What is Choke Chokers?

It started with a simple design idea for a choker. We used what materials we had to make the first and realised that this principle was important to us. Thus all our leather and fur are remnants from the fashion industry that would otherwise be discarded. This project is therefore not just about creating a high quality handmade product but has also opened a window for us to provoke a dialogue about sustainability.

Choke Chokers wishes to start a dialogue.
Leather is precious because it costs the earth valuable resources to create, so should it be used to make fast-fashion? Sewing a garment takes the skills of a professional seamstress, so why do we think its realistic to pay so little for what we wear? Clothing is vital for our protection and our identity, but why do we under-appreciate the skills, resources and time that create for us such an intrinsic part of our day to day lives? This dialogue will be furthered by speaker Suzi Christoffersen founder of Closed Loop, a consultancy agency which works with sustainable development within the textile and fashion industry. She is an expert in sustainability and materials and was one of the founding members of The Fabric Source, the largest sustainable fabric library in the Nordic countries.

We think people have forgotten or do not realise that it is still human hands that are creating their garments, not machines; and those human hands deserve to be acknowledged and paid for their time and skills. A performative element at the Pop-up shop will symbolise this issue and hopefully make people more aware of what goes into making their garments. Designer Sinéad O’Dwyer will be making the custom chokers in the gallery space as they are ordered.” (text via



Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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