Today it’s Sunday and we’re a bit late with our post. That’s because we went to church. To pray for Whitney Houston. (Ms Houston was found dead in her hotelroom yesterday evening, the eve of the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles > 11-2-2011)

‘Religion Today’, photo’s by Eddy Seesing. 1) Benedictijner_Abdis_Benedict_Thissen.2) Tibetaans Boeddhistisch lama Jigmé Namgyal 3) Sjiitisch_imam_Israfil_Demirtekin. 4)Doopsgezind_predikant_Alfred_van_Wijk.
These photo’s can be seen, today, if you will, at the Kunsthal, Rotterdam (last chance to visit: 2/12/12)

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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