Classics; # 1 Breton stripes

Classics; # 1 Breton stripes

Mimi’s notes on classics in pattern history: “The most interesting part of the classic pattern is that they are set in our memory.” Mimi Berlin altered a design by youasme by adding tags: a new take on the breton stripe. The first “youasmimi classic” was revealed during the collection presentation youasme-measyou S/S 2012

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History in a nutshell: In 1858 France introduced the navy and white striped knitted shirt as the uniform for all French navy seamen. This official shirt soon became more generally a working marine garment as it was picked up by many nautical men across the region of Northern France. When a sailor fell overboard, the distinctive block pattern of stripes supposedly made it easier to spot him.Breton refers to the Brittany region of France. Nowadays the iconic stripe can be found on everything from genuine sailing garments to high-fashion runways.


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