They are a creative agency specialized in advertising and crafting and cross-breeding creativity. They have a webshop as well.
Wallpaper creatures, these original wallpapers are created from photos of coloured powders shot onto a black background, resulting in fantastical patterns which seem to come alive. By Marcel Christ & Jessica Kersten €110 per roll (10m)
Cloud pillow by Carla IJff. Photography: Rutger Storm. Styling: Carla IJff. Model: Okke. The perfect spot for day-dreaming, this huge cloud pillow comes in three shades of denim €130
The other windcape by Isabelle Vigier. Tailoring: Carla IJff. Seamstress: Sena El Haddad. Photography: Rutger Storm. Model: Makiko Itto. This wind cape features a 3 dimensional body shape on its back, that inflates, moves and dances in the wind, adding elegance and strangeness to a windy bike ride. Not available for purchase. for other purchases mail
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