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Comme des Garçons advertisments are really something else! Never ever have we seen a single garment in them, most of the time they are just inspiring pictures. That’s how we like our fashion! Flipping through any given fashion magazine, the CdC ads are like a breath of fresh air, they stand out amongst all the pictures of pretty women gazing at you wearing the most desirable garments, make-up and jewelry etc. We always imagined that these wonderful images were the personal favorites of Rei Kawakubo and  imagined Rei browsing through many books after a day of designing clothes at the Comme des Garçons offices. Well, it’s not that way at all! We have been fooled by creative directors House + Holme ( Ronnie Cooke Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme ) whom are not only responsible for the Comme des Garçons ads but also for the ones by Lanvin and Louis Vuitton (to name just two brands from a long list) they are represented by Total managment in New York City (check that link for more of their work) The Comme des Garçons advertisements are probably most similar to the

Benneton ads made from 1982 to 2000 by Oliviero Toscani; showing no clothes but just images of mostly people, the difference being that the Benneton ads clearly had a message, often political, and were famous for its controversial nature. Both brands started with these campaigns in the late eighties of the previous century, the age in which a punk-mentality had become mainstream.

(CdC ads via .buzzfeed/ styleforum/complex) (Benneton ads via keptelenseg /   abduzeedo)


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