David Nightingale Hicks

David Nightingale Hicks (25 March 1929 – 29 March 1998) was a British interior decorator and designer, famous for his employment of bold, shockingly vibrant colours, for mixing antique and modern furnishings and contemporary art for his famous clientele. (more)
Hicks’s early clients mixed aristocracy, media and fashion. He made carpets for Windsor Castle and decorated the Prince of Wales‘s first apartment at Buckingham Palace. Hicks started to design patterned carpets and fabrics when he found none on the market that he considered good enough. These and his hyper-dynamic colour sense formed the basis of a style which was much admired and copied. In 1967, Hicks began working in the USA, designing apartments in Manhattan for an international clientele, and at the same time promoting his carpet and fabric collections.(more)
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A life of design(ISBN13 9780847833306)Written by daughter Ashley Hicks who followed in his footsteps. (photo via)
David Hick’s daughter India Hicks as photographed in Hello Magazine (Issue no. 1202 28.11.11) by for Viyella (photo via house-design-garden.blogspot.nl)

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