Design vase made of paper

Today I bought myself a little design present, an airvase. “A paper bowl that enfolds air. You can freely change its shape” it says on the package. Designed by Torafu architects. Made in Japan. In the shop the bowls were presented behind glass, looking magical and very fragile. Objects of art en desire (in my mind). Being a lady, thus being a sucker for pink, I bought the pink/beige version.
Once unfolded it wasn’t that special to me anymore. My vase looked quite different from the ones in the store. And certainly not like the pictures on the package! The “beige” was just the backside of the pink paper. And if you don’t see the vase on eye level you’re missing out on the effect, like below
I decided to give this fragile bowl to my dog, Dottie.(the package contained 3 pieces anyways)She took care of my vase:
Looking good, looking better!
 That’s €20 well spent! NOT……..  Okay, let me get serious about this.I think it’s a great idea. Love the simplicity of the cutting. Works for bags too, I’ve seen them in leather.

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