Dienand Criste’s book presentation

Goodmorning! It’s Sunday, let’s go out and do something cultural today. Mimi’s tip for today is situated in Rotterdam;
Dienand Criste’s book presentation;
“98 brieven/letters, 75 antwoorden/answers”
Dienand Criste's book presentation
A collection of 98 personal, intimate, embarrassing, hilarious, sensitive and beautiful as many letters to intimates, friends, acquaintances and celebrities. Plus the responses of 75 people.  Bas Kwakman (Poetry International Director) will hold an introduction and interview Dienand Christe about the background of the book. Also, some letters are read. DJ Remleh will play some music and drinks from the BAR.
>>20/11/11, from 15:00 trough 17:00/Projectruimte hedendaagse kunst DEK22/Willem Buytenwegstraat 22, Rotterdam<<
For a preview and detailed info; www.dienandchriste.nl