Dinnerplates by Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant

Dinnerplates by Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant

Look at these wonderful dinnerplates! They were handmade by Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, members of the English Bloomsbury Group. In 1932 they created “The Famous Women Dinner Service”,  a series of fifty dinnerplates, painted with portraits of famous an fabulous women: 12 dancers and actresses, 12 writers, 12 beauties, and 12 queens. Below the image of the late Greta Garbo.

Art historian and director of the National Gallery Kenneth Clark and his wife Jane commisioned this applied art project. The fifty fabulous plates are on show at the Piano Nobile gallery in London through 28 April, 2018.

On Exhibit

“From Omega to Charleston: The Art of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, 1910-1934, an exhibition of painting and applied art by two of the most innovative and influential British artists of the twentieth century. Curated in partnership with Richard Shone (author of Bloomsbury Portraits, 1993 and curator of The Art of Bloomsbury, Tate, 1999), the show explores the unique creative relationship shared by Bell and Grant from their early post-impressionist years to later work at Charleston, their shared Sussex home. Whether working at an easel or on decorative schemes, together they emerge as consistently radical practitioners at the very heart of their cultural milieu.” (read more/images via Piano Nobile gallery, London)

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