Display Domes

I’m not sure what it is, that makes me more interested in stuff that’s covered by a glass display dome. These little domes let you know that they protect something special, fragile, expensive (sorry I’m a sucker expensive things) or extra pretty. But do they?
Below; Watch sculptures by
Dominic Wilcox
“Hide ‘n’ seek. “A pig tailed girl hides behind a tree from a searching boy.”
“Adventures of a young vegetarian OR Pigs shall fly. “A small girl attempts to stop a butcher chopping up a pig by hanging on his arm while the pig floats away.”
Rolf Sachs made a series lamps titled Curiosities, made from mirrored glass display domes housing objects like a rat on a pile of discarded plastic and a skull filled with pills.
“Addict-us. First featured in 2007 in the Selfridges surrealist window display, Sachs presents the scientific skull head filled with multi-purpose pills to demonstrate humans’ addictive tendencies in our modern society.”
“Rattus maximus. An albino rat stands like the ruler on top of a world of random, everyday household rubbish, such as peanut, egg and clam shells, sardine, cat food and coke cans, coffee capsules, an analogue clock and broken glass…to name a few. A sponge printed with the word ‘Leitkultur’ is amongst the pile and cunningly challenges the concept of ‘Leitkultur’, a German terminology mocking the concept of intellectuals that follow only one ruling paradigm of culture.”
“Pullus domesticus. At the centre of the dome sits a pristine skeleton, which looks at first like that of a small dinosaur, yet, the comedy lies in the fact that it actually belongs to an everyday, domestic chicken. The resulting aesthetic, with its hundreds of reflections, is surreal, intriguing and unexpected.”(thahanks Dezeen)
Well, to test if I could back-up my own story…..Does an object become more interesting if placed under a dome?
I’m afraid not, the lighters still look like lighters to me.
Maybe if accompanied by a story of some kind and some kick-ass photography?
Hmm don’t feel like taking that to the test today.
If somebody else feels the urge to help me with this interesting investigation? Feel free, I’m curious.
xoxo Mimi

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