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Dog Boutique Hondenboetiek René van der Westen

We got a tip the other day from our dear friend M. we’d like to share with you, our loyal readers. This post is for dog owners in particular. Dog lovers who want to splurge on their best friend; in the shape of clothing and/or accessories.

Our friend M. was shopping in the city of The Hague and stumbled upon this wonderful and huge Dog Boutique, situated at the end of the pet-store René van der Westen. What was our friend M. doing at the petstore, you ask of us. Well, we don’t know and to be frank with you; the pets in her household come and go… (in a good way mind you, except for the goldfish, that was a mistake.)

All you need to know about Dierenwinkel en Hondenboetiek René van der Westen

Dierenwinkel en Hondenboetiek René van der Westen
Frederik Hendriklaan 173
2582 CA  Den Haag
070 – 3061027
06 – 21416500 (WhatsApp)

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