Domestic bliss the fashionable way

Photo by Nicola Carignani (via)
Hahaha! As if! Madonna eating pasta, she clearly has trouble with that!! I think she cooked it herself as well! NOT.
After eating the pasta even doing the dishes! LOL Tip: ALWAYS leave your mouth open while pouting.Photo Steven Klein Dolce and Gabanna ad 2011
This is more likely ….photo by Annie Leibowitz Vogue US, Lady Gaga on the table.
Shop window’s for Selfridges shoe department by Lernert and Sander
Vintage Deluxe pictures on this topic
‘Fashionable Women Having Coffee’

A promotional photograph for General Electric appliances shows three women as they enjoy a cup of coffee. 1910 (corbisimages)

‘Model tossing salad with latest fashion sweater’ photo by Nina Leen

And below the retro way
Kitchen for a loft in Hamburg by Graftlab. Be sure to visit their wundershone site!
To state the obvious: These people are actors in a family scene. Photo by Steven Klein for W magazine 2005 (via)

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