Donny Osmond, the World of a Fan

Donny you’re a part of my life <3

Mimi Berlin suddenly had a small crush on Donny Osmond. Why? You ask of us. Well, we visited the Heden Gallery in The Hague the other day and got a tour to the upstairs house. The gallery owns that place, but was rented out. The house was in the state the family had lived in for years and years. The remnants of a teenage girl’s room caught our attention. She was clearly a Donny Osmond fan, she even wrote on her wall that he was part of her life. Herr Kaldenbach made wonderful photo’s in the former home of the family, they were the inspiration for us, at Mimi Berlin, to try and create the world of the Donny Osmond fan.


Slanted Polaroid, a digital collage.

donny.slanted polaroid collage by JW Kaldenbach and Mimi Berlin MMXIX

Donny Osmond Fan Leggings

In the world of a fan there needs to be clothing. We started with designing fan-leggings. and made some images of these leggings in situ. Because, why not?!

Donny Osmond’s head on ceramics

After making some portraits of Donny’s face, screen-printing that onto dinner plates, we were done with our ‘Donny’ project. And maybe we will pick the project up some day, but at the moment we just eat from the plates.

Who is Donny Osmond?

For you youngsters among us: Donny Osmond has been a singer for most of his life, just like Michael Jackson, but less popular worldwide. We suggest you watch the Youtube gossip video below to get in the know.
We haven’t watched the clip ourselves yet so hopefully you get some decent information out of it.

Have a Nice Day!
xoxo Mimi Berlin

this post has been sitting on the shelf for about half a year…….in the meantime we lost some stuff we made for our donny project.

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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