dutch design week/center/de witte dame

melvin the machine 
This ‘machine’ that will be assembled by means of a contemporary crowd-sourcing method is not in fact a design machine. Instead of actually designing a product, it mainly provides an insight into the design process. The designer duo HeyHeyHey, are after what they call the ’super moment’ and the experience of it, rather than an end result.
design academy-graduation show 2010
Bird City, a city for mixed bird culture (holds 33 species). 
Mount the rack on your wall and just wait, especially fun for birdlovers ofcourse….by eveline visser
fascination with balloons from maarten collingnon
søren wibroe came up with the idea to design a typeface in the darkroom using random objects from people’s pockets

borre akkersdijk-textile in ready made patterns; not everything has been done, so he says

domestic disguise, a second skin for objects and furniture
(reminded me of an indoors kind of burka or the ultimate snuggie)
by cum laude graduate emille pallard

knitted carpet annex sweater, a 70’s design snuggie (again), I think….
detail from a hard and soft sofa by karlijn kuipers
the international museum of modern dreaming…….by olga kosyakina
being john malkowicz in eindhoven
Below Masters

finally! eco friendly fur from the muskusrat, every year 320.000 have to be killed the cadavers are burned eefje sandmann discovered this dutch homegrown sensible fur. marked by her with a delftblue picture
how simple an idea can be (but what to do with the larger part of a fridge; metal?)
desk with build-in space for plants
natalie stampli; soap shaver, so we can keep on using the traditional bar of soap
“Smoove” very pretty crutches that reduce pressure to wrist and hands by max van den eijnden

ripple effect tea table by studio hanna&seo
your friendly viral  by tom tack

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